DIY Tutorial: How can you make a pair of Palladium boots unique?

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Palladium has always encouraged its creative customers who are daring enough to be different and make a statement with their style. Personalising your shoes is a great way to add a personal touch to your favourite styles. More than just a trend, this concept has become a great way to stand out.

Do you want to make your shoes unique? Just follow the tutorial put together by @maxplore, the sneaker customisation expert based in Berlin. In this DIY tutorial, Max shares a step-by-step process to vamp up your shoes at home, without needing much equipment. Max chose a pair of Pampa Hi Dare white trainers which are perfect for customising.

If you want to get creative too and add a stylish touch to your shoes, this tutorial is just what you need!



Customise your shoes like a pro:

  • Apply a product to the outsole to prevent colours from running
  • Remove the laces and footbed from your shoes
  • Immerse the shoes in a container of hot water
  • Pore in a textile dye of your choice which will colour your shoe uppers.
  • Leave to act for around 30 minutes then dry
  • Place your laces on a flat, protected surface
  • Use a brush to add dashes of paint to the laces, then leave to dry
  • Assemble each personalised element
  • Admire your work: your pair is unique, just like you!

If you need some inspiration for vamping up your shoes, you can also decorate your laces with jewellery, beads, letters or badges or why not try embroidery by embroidering your initials or favourite symbol on the upper?

Our shoes with a cotton upper are an excellent starting point for your DIY experiments and they’re just waiting for you and your creativity! Find all our styles on Palladium Boots.

You are the artists, and we can’t wait to discover your customised styles. So, feel free to share your revamped shoes by tagging @palladium / @palladium_france in your social media publications